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Carbide Tipped & HSS - Reamers, Drills, End Mills, Milling Cutter, Side & Face Cutters, Spot Face Cutters, Countersinks, Counterbores, Multi-dia. Cutters, Profile & Form Cutters, etc… Solid Carbide Tools - High helical CNC Produced End Mills, Reamers, Twist Drills, Counterbores, Countersinks, Special Form Cutters, etc…

CNC / NC Tools - For CNC / NC Machines with coolent fed system in Solid Carbide, HSS, High Cobalt HSS and Tipped Form Cutters, Multi-operation Cutters, Carbide tipped helical endmill, Drills, Reamers, etc... as per drawings.

Indexable Inserts Tools - Throwaway type of Inserted Tools, Mapel type of Cutters, Counterbores, Countersinks Dovetail Cutters, Indexable Reamers, special insert type Singlepoint Tools with profile etc. besides complete range of standard Indexable Tools.

Subland Drills / Reamers - are offered in HSS, Solid carbide and lugged type design These are combined step Drills, Reamers and Cutters for many operations which offers special subland geometry hence re-grinding will become very easy.

Carbide Lugged Tools - These are highly economical since full Solid Carbide Drills, Reamers, Cutters etc. can be converted in lugged design with solid Carbide lugs Adhered on steel body offering similar life and advantage of Solid Carbide.

Special Cartridges - We offer special Cartridges in Indexable design and also Cartridges with serration Milling Cutters..

Boring Bars - are offered in with cartridge type design & Carbide body design with indexable inserts to have deflection free boring.

Boring tools - are offered in OD as well as face relised in HSS, Super HSS, Solidcarbide & Lugged design (Similarly to Iffanger).

Ball Nose Cutters ( Brazed & Indexable) - We offer long Ball Nose Cutters in HSS, High Cobalt HSS, Solid Carbide, Carbide brazed and Indexable design for ball nose operations.

Wear Parts - All parts, Rollers, Plates, Collets etc. can be offered in Carbide lined for high wear applications.

Work Rest Blades for centreless Grinding Machines - We make Carbide and Steel Work Rest Blades for Centreless Grinding Machines for high precision Rollers, Rods and Bars. Also special Work Rest Blades with profile & Form as per requirements .

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